Martial Arts & Fitness Demo Team to Perform at Patriots Game May 16th

The Somerset Patriots’ Martial Arts Night on May 16th will feature Martial Arts & Fitness’ newly formed Demo Team! All are invited to attend! Tickets will be available for purchase at the school from March 6th to April 30th at a discounted rate. Anyone who purchases tickets from the school will be entered into free raffles among which will include retail credit at Martial Arts & Fitness, as well as 2 front row seats at the game.

Martial Arts & Fitness has been a part of the Flemington community since 1998, providing safe, fun, family friendly martial arts instruction for the past 21 years.

The Somerset Patriots and the Atlantic League have been a staple of the Central Jersey area since 1998, winning 6 championships, and providing quality baseball and family safe entertainment for the past 21 years.