We are happy to announce that we will be getting started the week of October 8th with our first 6 week "introductory meditation course". Each week will focus on a new meditation technique and will build on the previous weeks.

The planned class times will be Tuesdays at 7:30pm, Thursdays at 6:00am, and Saturdays at 1pm. There's no difference in the material between the various times, so pick a time that works best for you each week! This course is open to both new and current students and all experience levels are welcome.

Kicking It Back Into Action!

School is back in session and the Summer Vibes are dwindling down but here at Martial Arts and Fitness we are getting ready to kick it back up into high gear! We are excited to be able to announce the start of our new meditation program. Mr. Heitkamp will be kicking off this program with meditation session on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Whether you are an expert at the art of meditation or you have never tried it before, you will be welcome to come on in, take a seat, relax and focus. Check back in for more details on exact start dates and times! We cant wait to see you there!

Four Test for Black Belt, Three More for Next Degree

Martial Arts & Fitness will be hosting a Black Belt test on May 5th, 2019. Jason Kaiser, Carter Wright, Amelia Wolfe, and Evan Laurita will be testing for their 1st degree black belts, while Ryan Howe and Jaden Karlsrud test for their 2nd degree, and Robin Adams tests for his 3rd degree.

Doors will open at 12pm, with the test beginning at 12:30. A celebration dinner will take place at Bluefish Grill after the test. Attendance to the test is free; tickets for dinner are $35 each and can be reserved via email.

Martial Arts & Fitness Demo Team to Perform at Patriots Game May 16th

The Somerset Patriots’ Martial Arts Night on May 16th will feature Martial Arts & Fitness’ newly formed Demo Team! All are invited to attend! Tickets will be available for purchase at the school from March 6th to April 30th at a discounted rate. Anyone who purchases tickets from the school will be entered into free raffles among which will include retail credit at Martial Arts & Fitness, as well as 2 front row seats at the game.

Martial Arts & Fitness has been a part of the Flemington community since 1998, providing safe, fun, family friendly martial arts instruction for the past 21 years.

The Somerset Patriots and the Atlantic League have been a staple of the Central Jersey area since 1998, winning 6 championships, and providing quality baseball and family safe entertainment for the past 21 years.